Web-Based Timekeeping Software Made Simple

Simple, intuitive scheduling solutions.

Web-Based Timekeeping Software Made Simple

Simple, intuitive scheduling solutions.

  • eFlexClock

    Easy, effective automated timekeeping.

    Reduce your labor costs and better manage employee data.

  • EFlexClock Mobile

    Timekeeping on-the-go because you are.

    Clock in and out, request and approve time off, and much more. Anytime, anywhere!

  • Time Simplicity

    Scheduling has never been more intuitive.


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Time Simplicity with Web-Based Timekeeping Software in Michigan

  • Eliminate over staffing & reduce overtime with employee timekeeping system alerts.

  •  Fill open shifts in seconds through SMS and email notifications. 

  • System automation identifies "best fit" employees to cover open shifts.

  • Easily create schedules with drag & drop simplicity. 

  • Easily identify schedules by group, week, or color code.  



timekeeping systems for businesses in Grand Rapids MITRADE BOARD

TimeSimplicity's Trade Board feature essentially creates a message board that enables employees to initiate shift trades with their manager by placing these requests online. And, since Trade Board utilizes TimeSimplicity's Email & Text Collaboration feature, once approved the employees are notified immediately and can respond to any shift change requests. Employees no longer have to wait for their managers to circulate requests on their behalf. Managers can quickly view, monitor and approve shift change requests online with this small-business timekeeping software.


web based timekeeping system Grand Rapids MichiganEMAIL & TEXT COLLABORATION
TimeSimplicity's Email & Text Collaboration feature strengthens your workforce communication channels to close gaps in coverage quickly! Have a last-minute call out? In the past, managers had to scramble to call and locate employees to fill the shift. But TimeSimplicity allows you to send out email and text alerts notifying your whole team immediately. Employees can respond quickly to let you know if they are available for work.


Grand Rapids MI business timekeeping softwareTIME & ATTENDANCE INTEGRATION
TimeSimplicity offers full integration with eFlexClock and other major time and attendance systems. If your scheduling system doesn't integrate with your time and attendance system, then your time and attendance system is basically time system without the attendance!

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