Want to see a return on investment in your Human Resource department? A single sign-on system is the solution.


A human resource department can feel like controlled chaos. With paper trails and multiple platforms, and integrations come the headache of numerous logins, data duplication, and mistakes that can add up and lead to noncompliance.

With the focus on increasing workforce productivity within the human resource industry, a storm of innovation has come to address common human resource problems. A cutting-edge solution, single sign-on Human Capital Management (HCM) system,  can save you time and help you focus on what really needs to be done to retain and manage an effective workforce.


Single Sign-On Systems are Fully Integrated


Gone are the days of “making data talk” across platforms. With one login comes full integration of every facet of a human resource department. Hiring, onboarding, timekeeping and scheduling, training, payroll, and benefits administration, all in one place, sharing information and decreasing administrative burdens.

Single sign-on that offer full integration will save you time that can be spent supporting your workforce in the ways that matter most. Whether you want to focus on recruiting, employee performance and training, or employee engagement, you will have the time and data to support your goals.


Can be Easily Scaled and Customized

Effective single sign-on platforms can be scaled with your business needs. The capacity for these platforms can be scaled for any size business within any industry.

This allows human resource departments to plan for workforce growth and add services and processes as needed.

The flexibility within these human resource management systems will keep your reporting strong and decrease the stress that can come with growing your workforce.


Streamlines Human Resource Data


In a world driven by technology,  the ability to leverage business data for strategy is vital for long-term success. With the ability to house all of your workforce data in one place, human resource departments can get a streamlined look at any facet of their workforce. This allows a business to create metrics for success, being able to better measure growth, workforce strength, and quickly see areas of improvement.

A bonus is the ease of robust reporting, easily showing a return on investment within your workforce.


Promotes Employee Engagement




Engaged employees drive workforce growth and strengthen trust between human resource departments and the workforce they manage. Single sign-on platforms give your workforce the right technology to stay connected.

From an employee self-service,  a workforce can access payroll information, enroll in company benefits, see the status of their 401k and manage their schedule, all from one place. This allows for employees to feel they have access to what is important to them and drives performance all at the same time.

When an employee doesn’t have to hunt down paperwork, they can increase productivity- which drives success.


Reduces Risk of Non-Compliance

The mounting challenge of compliance has made a single sign-on platform a necessity. Meeting the requirement of ACA, DOL, and IRS can be easily managed when employee hours, benefits, and payroll are housed in one place.

Some platforms are so intuitive it will file the necessary paperwork for you to meet the compliance standards.

Making the reporting needed to stay in compliance done without stress and completely minimizes the risk of non-compliance.

Efficient Processes Drive Growth


Ready to start looking for the best single sign-on platform? Use this checklist to make sure you find the platform that best fits your needs!