Payroll Service Company - Terminal Server FAQ's

Payroll Service Company - Terminal Server FAQ's

I have a new computer that I need to access CyberPay Remote. What do I need to do?

You will need to install or have access to two applications:

  • Remote Desktop, and
  • Thin Print

For complete instructions on how to install both, click here.

If you would like FlexChecks to install these applications, complete the form found here (options) and fax to our office.

How can I view and access my computer when using Terminal Server?
Can I save my files and reports to my computer while using Terminal Server?

You can export files and reports while logged in to Terminal Server to your own computer with a simple setup change.  Complete instructions can be found here.

How do I print to my printer while logged in to Terminal Server?

If you printer is not available when trying to print, you will need to install Thin Print on your computer.  For complete instructions on how to install Thin Print, click here.

How do I setup a Remote Desktop connection to access CyberPay?
  1. Click your Start button. Select (All) Programs > Accessories > Remote Desktop Connection.  Note: For some operating systems the Remote Desktop Connection may also be found under: (All) Programs > Accessories > Communication > Remote Desktop Connection. 


  1. On the Remote Desktop Screen "Computer" box enter the IP address that was provided by your Client Service Representative (do not hit enter).  Go to "Options" In the "User Name" box enter your client code (caps for any letters). Go to the "Save As" button and select "Desktop”.  In the "File Name" box enter FlexChecks (this is the name under the icon on the desktop), select "Save". Select "Connect". Check the "Don't ask me again for remote connections to this computer" box. Select “Connect". 


  1. To logon, enter the Username and password as provided by your Client Service Representative. 


  1. The desktop will now have an icon named FlexChecks to access the terminal server through the Remote Desktop Connection.

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