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Pay Adjustments

Occasionally you may find that an employee was short paid for a variety of reasons. You have three options to correct this problem:

  1. FlexChecks can run another payroll (Miscellaneous Payroll)  for you and either date if for the same payroll date, or the first available business day. Choosing this option will provide direct deposit to the employee the next business day.   The cost for doing this is your normal base fee, plus your normal payroll check fee. To choose this option, Click here: Miscellaneous Payroll Calculation Form
  2. FlexChecks can calculate a manual check amount for you, then you can give the employee a paper check today.  With your next payroll FlexChecks will provide a manual check paystub that details the gross to net calculation for the paper check you give the employee today.  There is a $15 charge for this service. If you would like to proceed with this option, please complete the form here: Manual Check Form
  3. Add the retro pay to your next regularly scheduled payroll.