Paperless Payroll Service

Simplify your payroll while protecting the environment.

Paperless Payroll Service

Simplify your payroll while protecting the environment.


Paperless Payroll Service in Michigan

Paperless payroll is good for the environment and helps protect your employees from identity theft.

Did you know that eliminating the printing of paychecks benefits the environment? Every year, paper checks use over 674 million gallons of fuel and add 3.6 million tons of CO2 to the environment. Imagine the collective difference business could make if everyone used direct deposit and viewed their paystubs and W-2's online!

It is estimated that the impact of just one company with 300 employees paying weekly switching to direct deposits, paycards, and online viewing of paystubs and W-2's could:

  • Save 240 pounds of paper per year.

  • Avoid the release of 2318 gallons of waste water into the environment.

  • Save 90 gallons of fuel

  • Avoid the release of 700 pounds of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere.

Through direct deposit and online paystubs  you will increase your company's security.The biggest area of check fraud occurs with payroll checks that are illegally obtained - mostly through mailboxes. By utilizing direct deposit you can help your employees protect their identity.

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Consider eFlexClock web-based timekeeping and scheduling.

  • Eliminate paper time cards
  • Eliminate the printing of schedules 

Employees can clock the in on the web, through a clock, or via a cell or land-line phone.

Employees can view their schedule online.

You can import time directly into payroll saving time and money.

Direct Deposit and PayCards

There are many benefits to direct deposit for both the employer and employee. Both save time and money by never needing to replace a lost or stolen check, more productivity by eliminating the need to go to the bank, and better management of money. Direct deposit is safe, convenient and may actually prevent identity theft. 

Many States have enacted laws allowing employers to mandate direct deposit.

In addition to direct deposit, FlexChecks also offers PayCards that are FREE to employers and employees! 

Online Payroll - Paystubs

The quickest and easiest way to implement Paperless Payroll Services is to eliminate printing of direct deposit paystubs by giving employees access to their paystubs and W-2's online. It is a great way to transition your entire workforce to 100% direct deposit. Many of our clients have distributed the following with payroll:

  • For those with direct deposit: Provide a brochure on How to Obtain Your Paystub Online notifying employees that it will be the final week of printed direct deposit paystubs.
  • For those with paper paychecks: Provide a letter explaining the benefits of direct deposit and/or paycards. If your state allows mandatory direct deposit, provide the required time frame to allow for the conversion. If you cannot mandate direct deposit, strongly encourage conversion
Online Payroll in Michigan

Switch to Online Payroll.

  • Enter your payroll anytime, anywhere in the world, 24/7 in as little as three minutes.
  • Enter new employees, update current employee information, change pay rates and deductions, enter and submit your online payroll.
  • Eliminate delivery charges by viewing your reports online.
Onsite Printing

FlexChecks CyberPay Remote can be setup to allow you to print payroll checks, direct deposit paystubs, agency checks, and reports on your printer (must be a laser printer). FlexChecks provides the check stock

Most of our clients choose to print only paper payroll checks then give access to the paystubs and W-2's online to those with direct deposit. There is an additional charge to license online access to paystubs, but the UPS shipping cost that is eliminated is generally more, which adds up to savings on your payroll fees. If you are interested in Onsite Printing, please either complete and send the form below, or call (616) 791-7900 to get started today!

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