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As an ISolved Partner, FlexChecks can offer the most cutting edge and secure services to our clients. With a fully integrated, cloud-based system, ISolved is a simple solution to a business's common HR problems.  ISolved creates a dynamic experience that will save you money and streamline your business. 

Hiring + Employee Onboarding

ISolved provides a fully integrated human capital management system that will streamline your HR workflow and improve productivity. From an applicant tracking system to seamless onboarding, you can provide an amazing user experience for new employees.

Timekeeping+ Scheduling 

Simple timekeeping technology allows employers to easily monitor attendance, track PTO, overtime and schedule employees. This feature is totally customizable to your unique work environment.  

Employee Training

Employees can access online training to get them up to speed on your company and be successful. With assigning courses and personalized pathways for each employee, you can create drive education and professional development like you never could before. 

Payroll + Taxes

Payroll processing technology is the heart and soul of ISolved.  With easy cloud, ISolved can ensure your payroll is processed efficiently and accurately. It is that simple. 


Take the headache out of employee benefits. Drive enrollment and deductions in one place, while ensuring your employees understand when and how they qualify for company benefits. 

ISolved    Add-ons

Easily enhance ISolved through additional tools to help your business employees maximize their potential. From hire to retire. we have your covered on your journey.