Flex Plan Solutions – Administrators FAQ's

Flex Plan Solutions – Administrators FAQ's

How can I access Online Flex as the administrator?
  1. Go to www.flexchecks.com
  2. Under Login/Connect, select Online Flex
  3. Click on Employer Login
  4. Login to your Online Flex account
  5. User ID: Cyclamen (CCCC=Client Code)
  6. Password: email us if you no longer remember your password at flex@flexchecks.com
Can I ask an employee to pay us back if they spent more than they contributed upon separation?

No.  Under no circumstances is it legal to withhold or request an employee pay the employer for the difference between the amount spent from and contributed to their Flexible Spending Account upon separation.  This is a risk the employer takes when offering this benefit.

What is the last day our employees have to submit reimbursement requests?

All requests for reimbursement must have services incurred by the last date of your plan year. Generally a 60-day forfeiture period is allowed from the end of your plan year to submit all requests.  

For example, if your plan year is 1/1 through 12/31, all dates of service must be incurred within the date range of 1/1 through 12/31 and submitted for processing by 3/1 of the following year.

Your Plan Specifications may have amendments that extend these dates.  For more information, please feel free to email us at flex@flexchecks.com.

What reports are available to me as the administrator?

Your access to Online Flex has a Reports tab, with a number of reports listed for your review.  This includes the report Name as well as a Description of the report. 

To run a report, click on the report Name listed in blue text.  Then click the View link under the Results section.  You may have to hit the Refresh button until the report has been generated.  Click on the Report Name to open the report you generated.

The number one report we find helpful to employer groups is the Enrollee Account Balance report.  This report can be found by clicking on the Enrollees link under the Request section. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time if we can run and provide a report for you, our online payroll company is happy to do so.

How do I notify FlexChecks of a separation?

Complete the Employee Termination form found on our website at:

Forms & Links

Or choose select the form below: 

Click on the Administrator Forms tab, then choose Employee Termination.

Submit this form to us as soon as you are aware of a separation.  It is important that FlexChecks is made aware of all separations immediately to prevent the employee from having access to their flex funds after separation.

My employee cannot login to Online Flex, what can I do?

You have two options:

  1. Send us an email to flex@flexchecks.com notifying us which employee needs their Online Flex access reset.  We will take care of it from there.  Please be sure to include contact information for the employee (Full Name, Email and/or Phone Number).
  2. Provide your employee our contact information and have them send us a request to have their Online Flex access reset: 
  3. Email:  flex@flexchecks.com
  4. Phone:  (616) 791-7900

We will take care of it from there.

How can I review an employee’s available balance?

Login to Online Flex as the administrator.  Click on the Employee tab.  Enter the employee’s social security number in the Employee ID field, or click Advanced Search to find the employee.  Confirm you are viewing the correct employee.  Click on the Benefit Account link under the Accounts section on the left hand side of the screen.  You can view the employees “Available Balance” in the Disc. Bal column.

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