Business Payroll - CyberPay Remote FAQ's

Business Payroll - CyberPay Remote FAQ's


Cyberpay Remote

Can I pay a bonus on a separate check?

Yes. On the enter pay data screen, choose the pay type for the bonus, enter a 1 in “Units”, the amount of the bonus in the “Override” column and a number other than 1 in the “Ck” column. Think of the “Ck” column as a check forms column. All line items with a 1 will be on the same check, line items with a 2 will be on their own check and so on. The multiple checks will all have the same check date. If you want the bonus checks to have a different check date, they will need to be processed in a separate pay run. Note: If you choose a check date that will be used for a future payroll, when the payroll is processed, the bonus checks will be included on the reports for that payroll.

How do I upload my timekeeping file into CyberPay?

Go to Payroll Processing > Transfer Server Files. Click on “Transfer”. The system will download the file. Click OK to process your file.

Can I process a bonus run outside of online payroll?

Yes. We strongly recommend you date the checks outside of a normal pay date. This will keep the reports for a bonus run separate from a regular payroll. If you process the bonus checks and use a future payroll date, when the reports are printed for the regular payroll, it will include the bonus checks previously processed. 

Can I pay an employee with a live check this time instead of the usual direct deposit?

Yes. Once you have entered the employee’s pay on the “Enter Pay Data” screen, click the “Holds” button located at the bottom of the screen. First note in the upper right hand corner that the changes you make will only affect the Separate Check indicated in the box. The number you see is the number entered into the “Ck” column in the pay entry grid. CyberPay defaults to 1, but this may be changed when paying an employee with multiple check forms. Also see that radio buttons are clicked for “Affects This Pay Only” and for the name of the employee you are paying. Items that can be held are broken into categories. From left to right they are deductions, taxes, benefits, vacation and other. To hold an employee’s direct deposit for the current payroll, click the item in the “Other” column that says “All Direct Deposit”. A black bar appears around the item. Note: Nothing else in that column needs to be clicked, especially the “Use Flat Tax Rates”. Click “Save” and then “Close”.

How can I skip deducting a particular deduction for this payroll only?

From the “Pay Data Entry” screen pay the employee who has the deduction you want held. Click the “Holds” button at the bottom of the screen. At the top of the box note that “Affects This Pay Only” is selected by default. Do not change this setting. To the right, the currently paid employee’s name is selected. If want to hold the deduction only for this employee do nothing. If you want to hold the deduction for all employees who have the deduction and are being paid, click the “All Employees” radio button. Next, in the “Deductions” column, click the name of the deduction you want held. A black bar appears around the item. Click “Save” and then “Close”.

What if I forgot to pay someone?

You may create a manual pay item in CyberPay. To do this go to Payroll Processing -> Process Payroll. Set all of your pay groups to “No” except for the Manual pay group. Click “Enter Pay Data” button. Click the add button (last button in the row that starts with the magnifying glass) to add the employee you want to pay to the manual pay group. Select the employee from the drop-down list and choose the pay type(s) to wish to use. Pay the employee as usual. In the “Manual Check” column type the number of the check you will be using to pay the employee. In the “Ck” column type in any number other than 1. If more lines of entry are required be sure to include the manual check number and ck and on each line. Close and calculate. The net amount of the check you will need to write to your employee appears on the register prior to processing. When processing payroll, turn your pay groups back on. The manual check will be included on your register prior to processing. When payroll is submitted and processed, the record for the manually paid employee will be updated.

Why is my new or rehired employee not showing up when I enter pay data?

Go to the Pay tab of the employee set up screen. If recurring pay types are present, click the "Initialize" button which appears just above the recurring pay types grid. If recurring pay types have not been added, you will need to add them. To add recurring pay types, click the cell beneath the “Pay Group” heading of the grid. Select a pay group from the drop-down list. Next, click on the cell beneath the “Pay Type” heading. Select a pay type from the drop-down list. When you have finished adding recurring pay types, click the Initialize button.

Employee Setup

How do I change an employee’s social security number?

Social security numbers can only be changed by the payroll bureau. Please fax or email the request to FlexChecks and be sure to include the employee’s name, the incorrect number and the correct number. 

What if my bank’s routing number is not listed when I’m adding a direct deposit?

When the system is unable to locate the bank name you have entered, Cyber Pay will open a window and prompt you to add a routing number. Add the routing number, confirm it and set the prenote cycles to 1. Or if you realize you miskeyed the name, you may close this window by clicking the close button. A new bank can also be added by clicking the bank button and then clicking the new button. Type in the bank name (it may be an alpha name or the routing number for the bank), type in the routing number, confirm it, and set the prenote cycles to 1.

How do I rehire an employee?

Go to the Employee Info tab of the employee set up screen. Check “Hide Inactive EE” at the bottom of the screen. All employees will now be visible in the selection list at the left. Locate the employee you wish to rehire. Check the Active box which appears above the employee’s social security number. 

How do I add extra withholding to an employee’s Federal, State or Local income tax?

From the “EE Taxes” tab of the employee set up screen, select the tax you wish to change from the drop-down box. In the “Extra Withholding” field, type in the extra dollar amount the employee wishes to have deducted.

How do I deduct just a flat amount of income tax?

From the “EE Taxes” tab of the employee set up screen, select the tax you wish to change from the drop-down box. In the “Extra Withholding” field, enter the flat amount of tax to be deducted. Check the “Do Not Apply Table” box. You will be prompted to “set the Begin Applying Table Date.” The system automatically defaults to 2/15 of next year. This is the annual date the IRS requires employees claiming “exempt” to complete and submit a new W-4. If this date is changed to a date several years into the future the flat tax will continue to be deducted without tax table application. CyberPay will warn when an employee’s federal tax exemption has expired based on that date. Therefore, changing this date is not recommended. 

What if a deduction I want to add is not in my list?

Use one of the “Unnamed” deductions and send information to Flexchecks with the desired name of the deduction, the type (fixed amount or percentage?), and the frequency (permanent or one-time?). If an “unnamed” deduction is not available in your list, email your request to Flexchecks and the deduction will be set up for you.

Can I view an employee’s paycheck?

Yes. Select the “Pay Item History” tab of the employee setup screen. Select the check you want to view by clicking on it. Click the “View Check” button. 

terminal server

Can I save my files and reports to my computer while using Terminal Server?

You can export files and reports while logged in to Terminal Server to your own computer with a simple setup change.  Complete instructions can be found here.

How do I print to my printer while logged in to Terminal Server?

If you printer is not available when trying to print, you will need to install Thin Print on your computer.  For complete instructions on how to install Thin Print, click here.

I have a new computer that I need to access CyberPay Remote. What do I need to do?

You will need to install or have access to two applications:

  • Remote Desktop, and
  • Thin Print

For complete instructions on how to install both, click here.

If you would like FlexChecks to install these applications, complete the form found here and fax to our office.

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