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Do you need a way to track Michigan's new sick time law?

Michigan's new Paid Medical Leave Act brings with it several challenges - including how to ensure compliance when implementing the new guidelines in Michigan's Paid Medical Leave Act (PMLA) currently scheduled to take effect March 29, 2019. Don't worry-FlexChecks can help!

Our new Human Capital Management platform, iSolved, is capable of tracking Sick Time accruals as well as providing the reports and data needed to ensure compliance with the PMLA. iSolved allows us to apply and track Sick Time with every pay. We can easily integrate Sick Time accruals into your payroll set up! Our implementation team will help you set up an "hours based" or a "calendar based" accrual policy and rate. If you have not moved your payroll to iSolved and you would like to take advantage of its Sick Time accrual capability, please call our office to get started with the conversion process!


How we can help

In iSolved, our team can help you set up your Sick Leave Accrual in accordance with the specifications of the new law. There are two methods we can use to achieve this:


Hours-Based Accrual Policy

Using this method will produce a policy that will automatically function in a manner which is in compliance with the law as it's written. This policy will accrue hours as hours are worked.


Calendar-Based Accrual Policy

Using this method will produce a policy that will award a lump-sum of specified hours regardless of how many hours the employee has worked.



The maximum amount of hours that can be accrued in the calendar year can be capped and rolled over into the next calendar year. You can choose a rollover type, and month and day to rollover. The rollover type can be either “Specific” or “Anniversary.” This will set the “Calendar Year” of the Accrual Policy.

We are eager to help our clients get set up to be in compliance with Michigan's new Paid Medical Leave Act! It's important to get set up in a timely manner. Please click the button below to read more about the details of the new law!